People always ask me, Why the hell do you breed wild exotic crazy big cats ??? I tell them this(and much more)...

What if the first people to raise wild wolves were told its illegal and they are not allowed to do it ? Well, its simple, you would not have any of the dog breeds you see today. On top of this, you would not have Vets, animals hospitals, pet food companies, pet products, pet stores, and 100s of thousands of people would not be employed the way they are today. Now I am not saying that everyone should go out and raise a wolf, but what I am saying is that although it may seem odd, or have no purpose, you must think of the bigger picture and that is there is no question of a doubt that when humans intervene with Wild animals and change there diet, habitat and selecive breed for friendly traits, Wild animals will change A LOT faster then they would in the wild, and there is a purpose for this. Wolf and Dog is only 1 example of many species us humans have helped mutate and change into something better. I am not naive enough to think I can change the Serval or any animal into a whole new species within my lifetime, but I am confident that some change can happen, and I am more then confident it has to be done before these wilder counterparts die out. Atleast when the wolf dies off, and trust me it will happen, we can say as humans that we helped preserve it in a way by creating 100s of new breeds of dogs. Isnt that a truly amazing story for the wolf before it dies off, creating 100s of new dog species that look almost nothing like it does but are so directly connected. The wilder the animal the more potential for new species, I am convinced :) If every monkey species dies off tomorrow I could care less, because I am a monkey & I represent every one of them. I am those species, therefor they did there job just like the wolf did with dogs the monkey did with humans :) If you cannot see that big ugly stupid unmanagle animals are meant to turn into small pretty smart managle ones, you have blinders on, because last I checked every main species is doing it, so why slow down evolution. I am not stating my opinion, everything I have stated are facts.


Sunset Servals "Leading by example"

We are a private serval breeder located in Ontario, Canada.

We have a small amount of serval kittens available per year, which are only sold & adopted out under strict rules. Our cats do not live in the house with us & all have there own homes, which are insulated, heated & have light & electrical outlets(away from cats)with other updates going on all the time. We can see our cats 24/7 via a video feed as well, so even when we are not around, we are around :) We socialize with all our cats & kittens as much as possible, but are always trying to do better. We have also come a long way as far as housing our Servals go, but we still feel like we have so far to go as well, and are making updates all the time, so please check back for updated photos of our enclosures. We plan on adding small ponds, & other cool stuff for the cats to entertain themself with when we are not around. Most important, we always let the grass grow as high as possible in most areas of the enclosure & around them because if you have ever witnessed a Serval in long grass, you know that this is where there home truly is no matter what part of the world they are in..




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