Sunset Servals "Leading by example"

We are a private serval breeder located in Ontario, Canada.

We have a small amount of serval kittens available per year, which are only sold & adopted out under strict rules. Our cats do not live in the house with us & all have there own homes, which are insulated, heated & have light & electrical outlets(away from cats)with other updates going on all the time. We can see our cats 24/7 via a video feed as well, so even when we are not around, we are around :) We socialize with all our cats & kittens as much as possible, but are always trying to do better. We have also come a long way as far as housing our Servals go, but we still feel like we have so far to go as well, and are making updates all the time, so please check back for updated photos of our enclosures. We plan on adding small ponds, & other cool stuff for the cats to entertain themself with when we are not around. Most important, we always let the grass grow as high as possible in most areas of the enclosure & around them because if you have ever witnessed a Serval in long grass, you know that this is where there home truly is no matter what part of the world they are in..




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